Ideation Sketching

An Industrial Designer will quickly explore a wide range of design directions using pen and marker sketches. These sketches are typically numbered to allow for fast analysis. The best can be borrowed from each to create the perfect design. 


CAD Design and Modeling


The sketch of the final concept is brought to life in 3D. How the design will be assembled, operated, and what materials will be used are all considered during this phase. Simulated Materials and lighting conditions can be applied to visualize the product in the real world. 

Design Works

It starts with an Idea.....


  • Product Design
  • Marketing
  • Prototyping
  • Ideation Sketching 
  • CAD Modeling 
  • Rendering

Once you've clearly defined the problem that you want to solve, defined who your target user will be and determined the scope of your project, the real fun begins...

The Concept Development Phase is where as many design directions as possible are explored, dissected, analyzed and revised. Often called the "What If?" phase, this is where we challenge the limits of what your newborn product will do. 

With a final design on paper, it's time to watch your product come to life, first on the computer in 3D, using Industry-leading CAD software and Photo-realistic renders, see what your product will look like when it is built.

Then it's time to utilize additive manufacturing and produce rapid prototypes of your design to test your idea in the real world. Make changes as needed and get ready to have it mass-produced!

There's a new product idea inside every one of us. We've all had that that moment of inspiration, that experience of a pain point, or a realization that things would be much simpler/better if X. 

And that's where most ideas stay, the Idea Phase. It takes a rare breed of courage, determination, and patience to say "Let's try this.." and start a journey towards becoming a product designer. 

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Concept Development

Prototyping and Manufacture




A physical model can be 3D printed directly from the CAD files using a variety of materials. Autopylot uses its in-house ABS extruded filament 3D printer to test all concepts before sending files to the manufacturer.